March 13-17, 2017

(Conference is March 13-15 & NSPS Business Meetings are March 14, 16, 17) 
Sheraton Hotel in Silver Spring, Maryland

Federal Programs Conference: MAPPS & NSPS

MAPPS and NSPS will host an annual Federal Programs Conference with presentations by Federal agencies, the Obama Administration, and members of Congress. Also included will be visits to the U.S. House and Senate by MAPPS and NSPS members.

On Tuesday, April 14, attendees will hear presentations by Federal agency officials on programs, budgets, and requirements for the acquisition of geospatial services, data and products by contract from the private sector that are on the horizon. MAPPS and NSPS will also host a series of liaison meetings with key agencies. These small group discussions between agencies and the private sector focus on issues affecting the relationship between the government and private geospatial firms. 

MAPPS and NSPS members will be on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, April 15, visiting some 200 Congressmen and Senators.

The geospatial practitioners will be advocating for legislation that will enable the profession to serve the public. Past issues brought to Congress are the enactment of a bill to provide cadastre-based inventory of federal land, legislation to provide authorization for a current NOAA project providing digital ocean and coastal geospatial information to decision makers for balancing environmental protection and economic development, limits on government agency and university competition with private enterprise, recommendations on how to utilize geospatial technologies to enhance America’s highways and intermodal transportation systems, and the need to accurately locate surface and underground utilities and infrastructure.

Among the agencies that traditionally participate in the conference are the Office of the Secretary of Defense; Departments of Interior, Agriculture and Homeland Security; USGS, Corps of Engineers, NOAA, Forest Service, BLM and the Census Bureau, and others.


Tony Lavoi - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Keith Curtis - World Bank
Sunil Narumalani - National Science Foundation
Stephen Lowe - United States Department of Agriculture
Tim Trainor - Census Bureau
Steve DeLoach - United States Army Corp of Engineers
Paul Rooney - Department of Homeland Security
Ric Herrmann - Army Geospatial Survey
Kevin Gallagher - United States Geological Survey
Duane Taylor - National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
Don Buhler - Bureau of Land Management
Jim Williams - Unmanned Aircraft Systems Office, FAA